You will fail

Scratch that out. You need to fail.

Don’t start whining, I truly believe you have the potential to achieve your vision. But you need to understand that there can be no victory without setbacks, wounds, and bloodshed.

These things aren’t the opposite of winning – they are part of the process of winning. Do you think your effort can only go in one of two directions, failure or success?

I understand that most people think they can either lose or win, but I do believe it’s wrong.

Someone who can’t take blows and punches can’t win battles. Someone who can’t look at the monster in the eye and face it will always get eaten. As you try to move towards your vision, you will always hit some walls. You will surely encounter some dragons. What should you do?

Embrace the challenges. Prepare to be tested and get ready to suffer. Choose to strive instead of quitting every time you have problems. You can sail through the storms. You can drive around some obstacles, and you may just need to get out of that car and climb some hills in your path. The only thing you are not permitted to do is turn back and go home.

You can look around and find a new path. You can jump the chasm or find a ladder for the wall ahead. You must find a way or make the way. Whatever you do, keep moving forward. There is no other way to greatness.

Whatever your vision is, prepare to put in the hard miles. Prepare to be disappointed and betrayed along the way. Be ready for the days you will lose motivation, and problems will amount. Get ready for ominous threats that will try to push you off the road.

And then, get ready to emerge through them all.

– Excerpt from Rise and Conquer.