Born in Guadalajara, Mexico. Got started in business with no capital at 15 years old. Been an entrepreneur ever since.

I’ve been involved in a variety of ventures, different industries. Failures, rejections, disappointments, legal trouble, bankruptcy. I’ve experienced them all.

I know what it means to be a young and inexperienced entrepreneur with big goals and dreams, but with little means to even get close to them. I know how confusing the journey towards achieving your goals can be. I understand why most people quit. In fact, I nearly quit too.

Having survived a wild ride, my fair share of victories, successes, profits, and dreams fulfilled have come as well. Nowadays, I am proud of having achieved more than I imagined when I got started. I own a thriving business, and I am relentlessly determined to keep pushing my limits.

I’ve done it by learning from the best mentors and coaches in the world and practicing the principles I share in Rise and Conquer.

Helping you get on track to achieve your goals matters deeply to me because what you’re about to learn revolutionized my life and my way of thinking, and it will change yours too!